"You Have a Potato In Your Bladder" Said The Doctor; This Is What They Took Out

Kidney stones are scary and upsetting enough as it is without the word "potato" being thrown around for reference. 

Reddit user timtooltime, unfortunately, had to deal with exactly that. There are no words for the insanity that he had to go through. He had a "cystine" in his bladder, and the doctor wasn't kidding when he said it was comparable to the size of a potato. 

The image he shared on Reddit paints the picture clearly enough...

When asked what it was like to live with that gigantic rock inside his organs, timtooltime delivered a fascinating answer.

"It felt awful. I always felt my bladder was full even when I didnt drink. When I went to urinate the stone would plug the exit and cause super discomfort/pain. I had to pee on all fours in the bath tub. For the past year."

Reportedly, it went on for so long because he had been living with kidney stones frequently for a long time. It wasn't until a new doctor decided to run some scans that he finally got answers and relief. He described it:

"I had a CT scan, in December. First time in 15 years. My kindeys were fine, tiny amounts of stones but all passable. But then this huge white disk was on my crotch in the scan, it actually made my brand new doctor run to urology and i was in surgery 2 weeks later."

We can only imagine how amazing it must feel to finally be free of that crazy physical burden. Thank goodness for modern medicine?

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