PHOTO: This Early 1900's Playground Will Give You Nightmares

Do you ever look at contemporary children's playgrounds and worry that they're dangerous for kids to play on? Do you ever see a set of monkey bars and think about how easy it would be for someone to fall the wrong way, or slip from the rungs of a jungle gym? 

Or do you ever, perhaps, hear people fretting about how dangerous monkey bars are and think those people are over-reacting to the inevitable dangers of the world?

Regardless of which way you feel, it seems safe to say that we can all agree - holy wow this old school playground equipment was horrifying. Seriously, this set up is a whole bundle of concussions and broken bones waiting to happen. YOWZA.

That's nuts, right? How were people okay with their little kids crawling around up there? Sure, you can't protect your kids from everything, but a fall from that height could probably kill a child if he landed on his head or neck.


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