Man Tries to Find a Date the "Old-Fashioned Way"

This young man woke up one morning and decided that he was going to try to find a lovely young lady to go on a date with him the old-fashioned way. That's right, he was going to do it offline, without using the internet to help match him up with other people in the market.

He had to try out the intimidating and now-unusual method where he had to approach strangers in public with a cold open and see if they would be interested in giving him a chance.

WARNING: This video contains some profanity set to charming background music

Props to that guy! Approaching people cold can be very intimidating, especially if you haven't had much experience with trying in the past. It looks like he really went for it, though, and took all the "no" answers he got like a champ. No doubt the day was a nice learning experience for him.

Would you try this?

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