Woman Has Minor Stroke on Video, It's Going Viral So People Know The Signs

This woman was experiencing a minor stroke when she turned on her camera and captured footage of her symptoms in action. You can watch at they happen to her in real-time. 

Now that the video has been shared online, it's going viral because people are sharing it for awareness.

They say that you can check for stroke symptoms using the acronym "FAST."

  • F is for Face. Ask the person to smile and watch the face. Do you see any drooping? Is the face responding the way it normally should?
  • A is for Arms. Ask the person to lift both arms up into the air. Watch to see if one side looks like it has more strength or control than the other.
  • S is for Speech. Ask the person to say a simple sentence. Someone experiencing a stroke will often sound drunk or garbled, slurring certain words like they're difficult to form.
  • T is for Time. Take note of the time, when the symptoms started and how long they've been going on. That could be valuable information to first responders or 911 operators. Pass the information on when possible.

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