Angry Portuguese Woman Gets So Angry at Cheating Husband That She Strips

This woman, speaking Portuguese, was caught on camera having a verbal and physical fight with a man. Supposedly, she is angry at her husband for cheating on her. Their confrontation begins with her shouting at him while he lays on the ground under her boot. 

Her frustration only appears to escalate, to a point where she starts ripping off her shirts. She eventually exposes herself, starts angrily gesturing and grabbing at her own bust, and eventually attacks the man on the ground with her fists.

We can safely say that we've never been so angry that we started taking off our clothes in public.

It's important to note that the woman's behavior in this video isn't really okay; reverse the roles of the man and woman and there's no question that this is a bad situation. If a man publicly screamed at a woman, stripped down in front of a crowd, and started beating on her with his fists while people watched, it wouldn't be okay. Therefore, this situation is equally unacceptable. Do you agree?

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