The SEXIEST Zodiac Signs This Valentine's Day

The people from Clover, a popular dating app, thought it would be fun to look into some trends among their app users and see what they could uncover! They found some trends in the data for their 2.4 million users when it comes to astrological signs. 

In fact... it turns out that a lot of the trends that astrological matchmaking already predict are TRUE! At least for the Clover app's users, anyway.

Even if you don't really believe in zodiacs or astrology, it's always fun to see who you're supposed to match up well with!

So, which Zodiacs are officially the SEXIEST of the whole bunch?

It turns out that Scorpios, Cancers and Sagittarius get the most matches of all. What's more, Scorpios are so hot that they even constantly match each other!

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody ;)

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