Teens Snuck into Super Bowl 51 with Nothing But a Ladder?

A group of teenagers decided that they wanted to see the Super Bowl this year. They came up with a plan that would hopefully let them sneak inside the arena - they were going to carry a ladder and impersonate maintenance staff. When the day of the big game arrived, they filmed this video as they supposedly snuck inside, then after the game was over they filmed themselves explaining to Super Bowl security what they had done.

They make a pretty compelling case, and it even looks like they convinced Guy Fieri that their scheme was a success.

However, not everyone is convinced that they were as successful as this video makes it seem. Consider, for example, that none of the video clips from inside the game actually have any of the teens in the footage; they could easily have edited those clips in from a different source. There weren't even any photos or selfies showing these boys at the game.

There's also no solid evidence that they got inside past the security that asked them to turn their cameras off, nor is there evidence that they didn't actually have tickets to the game.

On the other hand, when you do things with confidence and act like you're supposed to be where you are, it can be remarkable what you get away with. So, there's a chance these teenagers really did pull off what they say.

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