Dad DESTROYS Son's XBox After Brother Tells on Him for Not Doing Homework

This young man wasn't in the best standing with his father after Dad got an email from the teacher explaining that he was failing a class in school. Reasonably, Dad had a conversation with his son in which it was decided that he needed to focus on his performance in school and wasn't allowed to play on his video gaming console while his grades continued to suffer.

Shortly thereafter, the brother of that failing student spotted the young man playing a game on his XBox instead of doing his schoolwork. He decided to rat his brother out to their father and film the results.

Warning: This video contains mild profanity

That was probably a great way for the brother to destroy any chance that his sibling would trust him with anything in the coming months.

When your grades are struggling and you blatantly defy your dad after he made a pretty reasonable request to help you stop failing your classes, though, this is the kind of thing that happens. It does look like that young man brought the situation on himself, no matter how much he tried to blame his brother at the end of the video.

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