WATCH: Man Walks into Police Station with Ski Mask and AK47

According to the young man wearing the ski mask in the video - presumably James Baker, the name of the person who streamed this encounter live to Facebook - he and his friend were pulled over approximately an hour before this video in Dearborn, MI.

He claims that they felt "a little afraid for their lives," and as a result they decided to walk into the local police station heavily armed and with headwear that could potentially obscure their identities.

It's unclear exactly what they intended to accomplish by doing this; he may have wanted to make a statement about exercising his right to open carry the AK-47, he may sincerely have felt nervous walking into the station, or it may have been something else entirely. 

Regardless, the encounter went exactly the way you would expect an encounter to go when a station full of police officers encounter guests who walk in heavily armed and masked.

WARNING: This video contains profane language.

Some Comments from the Web:

"I'm a supporter of some gun rights, but I'm d*** glad we don't live in a society where it's completely normal for someone to get walking around with an AR-15. If you see someone with a rifle in Target, and your initial reaction is not panic/fear, then we're doing it wrong as a society."

-- ClemDev

"This is an effective way to lose support for open carry."

-- Knurling_Turtle

"What amazes me is that not one, but two adults with (presumably) whole and functioning brains thought it would be a good idea to retaliate against the police by walking into the station open carrying AKs and wearing SKI MASKS. Honestly, it's the ski masks I just can't fathom. Open carry = maybe I'm legally exercising rights, maybe I'm a violent criminal. Open carry + ski mask = I'm about to rob and/or murder you."

-- super_amazing

"he also had his hand ON the grip as he walked in the door. He was holding that gun like he was ready to use it. I'm quite sure if any of those cops saw his hand there they would have shot him immediately and would have been perfectly within the rules to do so."

-- tehryanx

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