Unemployed Mother of 8 Claims She's "Too Beautiful" To Get A Job

There are lots of people out there who can't work for serious reasons. Maybe they were injured, maybe they live with a disability (or multiple disabilities), maybe they were asked to make really tough choices - like having to choose between a job or caring for a dying family member, maybe they're just in the middle of a string of bad luck and need a little help. There are many people out there who can't work and need to collect welfare because of circumstances totally out of their control.

According to RelayHero.com, this woman has been making headlines in Britain because she's the complete opposite of those people. She's a single mother to eight children reportedly making $30,000 a year in welfare benefits, and supposedly is making no significant effort to become employed in the future.

In fact, she supposedly said that she was unable to get a job as a stripper because of her looks. She's "too pretty to work."

Instead, she's choosing to completely forego any job searches or attempts to gain her own independent source of income. She's living at home caring for her kids, and in her spare time she's taking courses attempting to gain a skill set as an auto mechanic that she can eventually use to get a job in the future.

Now, this isn't necessarily a criticism of Britain's welfare system. No number of irresponsible choices on part of a mother should force her children to suffer consequences of her actions, especially not if those choices mean they can't afford food or shelter. 

To be fair to this mother, a case could be made in favor of her decisions. One could argue that she's doing what's best for her children by being there for them as much as possible. One could also argue that she's making a smart choice by using this time to learn a skilled trade, therefore investing in her family's financial future; she may be relying on welfare more now so that she doesn't have to rely on it as much in the long term.

Regardless, most people seem to believe that those who take advantage of a system designed to support the less fortunate in their times of need are not to be admired.

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