Soccer Dad Heckles Game from Sidelines, Referee Shuts Him DOWN

We've all experienced it one way or another - you're at a fun, friendly kids' sporting event, and every one is having a nice time. 

But then there's that one parent who just can't seem to chill out; maybe he's booing the other kids or maybe he's getting angry at the referee's calls because his kid's team isn't doing too well... Either way, it quickly becomes a nuisance. Not only does it put a damper on the ability of nearby parents to enjoy the game and support their children, it can even start to interfere with the referee's ability to get the job done fairly. When that starts to happen, the parent either has to get it under control... or get out.

It looks like that's exactly what happened here.

The unruly parent was complaining about calls made by the referee on the field. First, she comes over to explain how she's calling the game...

Basically, the parent is objecting to the referee's call and they're discussing whether a ball that touches the hand should be considered a "handball" or not. The parent says that it should be a handball, but the referee is explaining that - because it's only a year-10 soccer game - she as the referee has the discretion to call it or not according to what is most fair to the kids and the circumstances.

Here's the information provided by the parent who filmed this video and shared it to YouTube:

"When I shoot video of my own sons games, I shoot in "YouTube clips" of 1 to 2 minutes. I had just started another clip when she stopped the game to clarify to the parent how she calls the game.

She was in fact a VERY GOOD referee, who kept the game running smoothly. She always had control of the game, but lost a little self control when she took the bait from the parent on the sideline. The way she explained the situation was accurate, and she called the game very fairly." 

Then, when the parent kept acting up, she came back to insist that he stop.

From YouTube:

"I believe she ejected the parent from the sidelines when it was apparent of that he was affecting her ability to call the game fairly, and she allowed obvious bad throw-in." 

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