Dude Puts A Girl He Met Online On Blast For Catfishing Him

We can all relate with this scenario. You agree to meet up with somebody - for a date, for an interview, whatever - but when you finally get there, it's GLARINGLY obvious that the other person lied about themselves.

What could the end game possibly be? Do people who catfish think you'll show up and somehow be okay with the fact that they straight-up lied about who you are?

This guy sure wasn't okay with it. He met up with a girl he found online only to discover that she looked nothing like her pictures. Instead of going along with it, he spoke his mind.

WARNING: This video contains profanity.

On one hand, he did kind of rub it in. Maybe it wasn't necessary for him to keep cracking jokes like "I know you don't need no more food" and calling her an "elephant" after he had already made it clear that he wasn't happy about being deceived. 

But on the other hand, it's a little difficult to feel bad for her if she really did catfish him. Nevermind catfishing him into an hour-and-a-half drive. Neither gas nor time is cheap, you know? Honesty is important.

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