Guy Builds Working Vending Machine Inside Locker

After realizing that he didn't actually need his locker at school - between electronic copies of textbooks and a simple bag, he didn't have much to put in it - one student decided to get a little creative with that space his school provided to him. 

It started out as a couple of stray doodles and some jokes among peers, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that he could absolutely make it work. Yup, he built a vending machine inside his locker.

And, along the way, he even put together an entire instructables tutorial explaining how he did it.

Once it was done, he was so excited to show off his creation that he pulled one extra trick out of his sleeves...

He didn't actually say whether or not his girlfriend said "yes," so we're just going to assume that it went over perfectly.

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