Young Thug Didn't Show Up for Shoot, Co-Director Improvised This Hilarious Video

Supposedly, the co-director for Young Thug's song Wyclef Jean music video set up the shoot, but when the day came for them to film the video, Young Thug never showed up. His representatives kept saying he was almost there, but by the end of the day the co-producer had still never met the musician!

Since he never actually got the footage for their video with Young Thug, the co-producer put THIS video together. It's pretty hilarious.

WARNING: This video contains the uncensored lyrics from Young Thug's Wyclef Jean

By the way, for the skeptics out there, Booooooom did an interview with Ryan Staake (the co-producer) and asked him honestly if the whole thing was staged or if the story about Young Thug never showing up really happened, unplanned. Here's what Staake said:

"The only part of this that was planned was using the audio of him describing what he wanted and building it out piece by piece. Beyond that, its 100% a reaction to the shitty cards I was dealt on this production. The video tells the story of what actually happened, but I agree, that would’ve been quite a concept if I’d planned it all."

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