Neighbor Sees Boy In The Window of Abandoned Home, Officer Is Horrified When He Gets The Search Warrant

Detroit police officers recently entered a home they thought was abandoned.  But they never expected to see what they were about to find.  

There was no heat, no water and no windows.  But, there were seven children living in the filth.  The kids ranged from 9 months to 9 years old. 

Officers said there were no beds, feces covering the floor, a deceased dog was rotting and two guns were also found.  It was the worst case of child neglect they'd seen.

For the most part, the neighbors were shocked and didn't think anyone lived there.  But some had a feeling.  One neighbor said she had seen a little boy in the window.

All seven children were taken to the hospital and are now in the care of child protective services.  Their father was reportedly taken into custody, though their mother has not been arrested.

Thankfully, the children are now safe from harm's way.

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