This Great-Grandmother's Obituary Is Absolutely SAVAGE

Obituaries are usually the space a family uses to briefly reflect on the life of the departed and fondly remember that person's good graces. It's a brief summary of accomplishments and qualities used to announce someone's death and say goodbye.

Not this one. Dolores got a somewhat different send-off.

Dolores's surviving heir, the one who wrote the obituary, pulled NO punches when reflecting on her life and place in the world.

"Dolores had no hobbies, made no contribution to society, and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life. I speak for the majority of her family when I say her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed, and there will be no lamenting over her passing."

YOWZA. It sounds like Dolores really put her family through their paces, so to speak.

RIP, Dolores?

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