Newscaster RIPS Into Her Coworker for Wearing the Same Color

Australian television journalist Amber Sherlock was caught on camera getting confrontational with her coworker Julie Snook when preparing for a television appearance. All three women - Sherlock, Snook, and a female psychologist, Sandy Ray, joining them - were wearing white clothing that day, and Ms. Sherlock didn't want the three of them to appear all matching on camera.

On one hand, it's always frustrating when you ask a coworker to do something to uphold the quality of product you're producing and it doesn't happen. But on the other hand, this seems like a whole lot of unnecessary negativity over something really unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Aside from "the wardrobe department," who was really going to care that they were all in white?

Now go back and watch the video again, but pay attention to the psychologist's face on the right as she realizes it isn't a joke!

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