Politician's Son Honors Father's Funeral with... Parade of Strippers?

Supposedly, a 76-year-old Taiwanese political official Tung Hsiang asked to have 50 pole dancers for his funeral. 

It looks like his son decided to honor that request. In memory of his father, the politician's surviving family put together a parade of exotic dancers on top of jeeps and closed down traffic for the performance.

It's not a traditional way to honor the dead, but who are we to question how this guy wanted to be remembered? At least the people in that area had quite a story to tell at the end of the day! 

rt.com reports, 

The politician’s final trip took two hours and caused roads around Chiayi city to be closed. Video of the unusual funeral parade shows locals lining the route to pay their respect and enjoying the spectacle.

Hopefully there weren't too many people late for work because of the traffic shut down.

RIP, Mr. Hsiang.

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