Friendly Fans Let Band Sleep in Their Home for a Night, Bandmates Thank Them By Doing THIS

Due to a little misfortune and, we're guessing, probably some accidental scheduling conflicts or something, the band "Moon Hooch" discovered that they didn't have a place to sleep the night after a gig. In a hail mary of sorts, they asked the audience if anyone would let them crash in a driveway or on a floor, and one couple took them in.

Along the way, the young woman made a remark about how great their music would be as an alarm clock in the morning. She would "wake up happy every day!"

So this is how the band thanked her for her hospitality.

WARNING: This video contains mild, non-hostile profanity

In the best results possible, all the housemates slowly woke up and came down the stairs to join in on a groggy, early morning dance party. Even the little dog seemed to get into it a little!

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