WATCH: Woman Tells Story of Stewardess Who Kicked Grieving Sisters Off Airplane

The woman in this video was so appalled by something she witnessed on an airline flight that she had to make a video to tell the world about it. She watched as two women, weeping because their father was dying in hospice, were kicked off their flight to see him.

Here's the whole story, as she tells it...

Without first-hand evidence of exactly what happened there that day, it's hard to really know what to think. For example, a person who works in aviation suggests that the part where the plane "pulled over" sounded like a stretch. If nothing else, it's important to remember that her story is a one-sided perspective and is being told by someone who has strong emotions about the event.

That said, if something like this did happen, we wouldn't be happy to have witnessed it either. Kicking a grieving family off a plane, accusing them of things they objectively had not done, and effectively preventing them from being at their father's bedside for his final dying moments over what sounds like a power trip is beyond petty. It's downright cold.

Whatever really happened that day on that plane, we hope those women got to say goodbye to their dad.

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