JWJ Park Free Hip Hop Festival

James Weldon Johnson Park

JWJ’s Hip Hop Festival: Lifting Duval’s Legendary Voices will be a celebration to honor Black History Month in a unique and authentic way, by teaching the next generation the (core) pillars of Hip Hop:

Emceeing/Lyricism | DJing/Turntablism | Breakdance | Graffiti | Knowledge

JWJ’s Hip Hop Festival will be a platform to educate, illuminate, and acknowledge ALL the elements that encompass Hip Hop in our city – past, present, and future.

Day/Date:Feb 19, 2022

Time: 10am – 5pm

FREE to attend & Family Friendly

All day activities & Events:

DJing & Turntablism, Food Trucks, Graffiti Art, Hip Hop Dance / Breakdancing, Educational Panel Discussion, Vendors

Featured Performances by: LOVE Culture, Mas Appeal, Mr. Al Pete, EnerJi, Rochelle Underdue of In The Midst…and more

Hosted by Che

Funding for this event is provided through a grant from Florida Humanities with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The grant allows noted Anthropologist, Dr. Melissa Hargrove to monitor a panel discussion alongside members of Duval’s Hip Hop Community.

The festival will feature performances by some of Jacksonville's best Emcees, Lyricists, DJ’s, Hip Hop Dancers and Graffiti Artists; interactive participation of Hip Hop Dance and Community Art with kids of all ages; food trucks; and much more to highlight and celebrate the many aspects of Hip Hop Culture.