Photo: Getty Images

By Marc Inocencio

Nicki Minaj was the second show opener at the MTV Video Music Awards and performed her newest single “Anaconda” on Sunday night. After twerking her assets for the jungle-themed performance, the 31-year-old joined Jessie J and Ariana Grande for “Bang Bang” … and suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest phoned in VMAs stage manager Gary Hood to reveal details on the “Super Bass” singer’s risky wardrobe failure, which could have brought the network a tremendous amount heat from the Federal Communications Commission.

“Well, I wasn’t immediately next to her, but we rehearsed that, obviously, in the dress,” he said. “And actually the same thing happened in the dress. She didn’t quite make it. I mean, each of the performers had about two minutes … There just wasn’t enough time for her.”

With performances scheduled back-to-back, the quick change was too close to curtain call, and Gary revealed that he was one of the “lucky guys” who had to rush Nicki onstage for her collaborative set with Jessie and Ariana. Ryan, who previously worked with the rapper on American Idol, is aware of the uncertainty that comes with Nicki, so he asked Gary if he was worried about her unpredictable behavior.

“I was wondering the same thing, because, like I said, when we rehearsed in the dress that afternoon, same thing,” he said. “She came up clutching the top of her costume. So who knew? Anything could happen with her.”

Despite the potential slip that could have aired on live television, Nicki managed to pull it together (literally!) and rapped her guest verse without revealing too much of herself.

Check out the performance below and witness how the former Idol judge handled the situation like a pro: