(Photo: Clear Channel promo staff)

UPDATE 3/3/2014: Things could be looking up for the food trucks! I got this in my email over the weekend--



City Councilman Reggie Brown is so dead set on limiting what Jax food trucks can do! He's drafting an ordinance to restrict where they set up, how much food they can sell which in turn affects how much money they make!

If the food trucks don't make money then they can't operate and they'll start disappearing! NOT OKAY.

These mobile businesses have added so much to the city! It would be a massive step back in the growth we've been working for in Jacksonville!

This is where YOU come in. Help save the food trucks by telling Councilman Brown you don't support the ordinance. Call him at (904) 630-1684 or send an email to RBrown@coj.net.

Show your support for food trucks by signing the petition below.


Better yet, go to the public meeting Wednesday in City Council Chambers at City Hall starting at 3pm.

Read more about this and how much of an impact the trucks have made HERE.