Mostly because Juan Pablo SPOILED this entire season! That man is a d-bag.

In last night's season finale, he went on the final dates with Clare and Nikki.

Clare is claiming on their last date Juan Pablo leaned over when there were no mics or audio and said something super vulgar and degrading!

Supposedly, he leaned over and something along the lines of "We don't really know each other that well, but I love f***ing you."

Because treating a woman like an object is more sexy in a Latin accent...NOT.

The girl tried to express her real doubts and fears about their possible future and she let Juan Pablo totally talk her down. Ugh.

His last date with Nikki was boring. Same uncertainty about future plans and same talking in circles with besitos peppered in. She told him AGAIN she loves him and he said thank you.

I thought Clare was a shoe-in til last night. Juan Pablo sent her home and she FLIPPED out. After telling him off she stormed away but then whipped around and said she was glad he would never be her baby daddy. Nice.

Nikki is now the future Mrs. Juan Pablo--oh wait! No she's not. He even told Nikki he had the ring in his pocket but wouldn't use it. Oh but he likes her, "a lot. Alot."

So unimpressed. After yelling at the TV for two hours I fell asleep 20 minutes into the After the Final Rose Special. You can click HERE for that recap.

Kick rocks, Juan Pablo.