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I just turned 25 this past September and graduated from college a month before that. So now I'm in this weird mindset between throwing myself into my job (which I love!) and running off on some adventure with a handsome stranger.

But there's gotta be a way to work your ass off and still make sure you're living the kind of stories worth telling over a bottle of wine. You can probably relate!

I found a list on Elite Daily that I think will inspire us out of our funk. These are my favorites:

1. Go to the airport with no ticket, scan the departures screen and pick any destination. Bonus points if you only take a backpack with you.

2. Move to a place where you don’t know anyone. Knowing how to be independent is one of the greatest gifts you can grant yourself.

3. Meet a stranger on a train. Lower your guard and allow yourself to open up to this completely random individual. Then, learn how to listen in return.

4. Take a road trip across the United States with your best friend. Make sure to bring a disposable camera, endless snacks and things to barter with.

5. Use a fake accent and really commit. Make the next person you encounter believe you’re genuinely from Australia.

6. Change your look entirely. See if it changes you.

7. Wake up on a boat. Then you’ll have full license to scream, “I’m on a boat, b*tch!”

8. Learn a new language without attending a class… by making a new bilingual friend.

9. Visit all 50 states. You’ll be amazed by the vastness of this country.

10. Go to Paris in the company of only yourself. Pretend you are the heroine in your own romantic movie and live the script of your life.


Find the rest of the list HERE. And in the words of T.I., "So live your life-ayyy ayyy ayyy!"


(Elite Daily)