Some the funniest, most adventurous, sappiest movies come out during the summer. But ain't nobody got time or the cash to see em all.

Lemme help you break it down to the ones we should ACTUALLY watch.


Neighbors - in theaters now

Seth Rogen's adorable laugh and Zac Efron's delicious body star in this hilarious movie. Lots of frat humor and um...a sex toy fight. Watch the super NSFW trailer.


Maleficent - out May 30

It's basically a prequel to Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie looks PERFECT in this role as Maleficent. And Lana del Ray's cover of "Once upon a Dream"? Love it.



The Fault in Our Stars - out June 6

This is a little like a A Walk to Remember. Terminally ill girl fights falling in love cause, ya know, she could die at any time. Is there anything wrong with a tragic love story? No. Bitches love tragic love stories. Not to mention there is a STELLAR soundtrack.


Guardians of the Galaxy - out August 1

Dysfunctional space superheroes. AND CHRIS PRATT'S ABS. You will watch it.