Woman crying in bed with broken heart shapes on bedclothes

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Let's face it, 2016 was rough. Practically every group of people lost a beloved icon, the U.S. political election cycle was a huge mess, media and journalism sources don't seem trustworthy anymore, there were multiple heartbreaking violent incidents across the country, the relationship between minorities and law enforcement feels more strained than it has been in years, the list could go on and on. 

Naturally, many of us are looking forward to 2017 in hopes that we might have a brighter and less traumatic future ahead. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to have a perfect year. For example, these are the top 20 names of girls most likely to get dumped before Valentine's day rolls around...

  1. Jessica
  2. Ashley
  3. Brittany
  4. Amanda
  5. Samantha
  6. Sarah
  7. Stephanie
  8. Jennifer
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Lauren
  11. Megan
  12. Emily
  13. Nicole
  14. Kayla
  15. Amber
  16. Rachel
  17. Courtney
  18. Danielle
  19. Heather
  20. Melissa

Sorry, ladies. If your name's on this list, you might be in for a rough time...

But who knows? Maybe you'll defy the odds! Good luck!