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Photo: Screenshot from "Trends We're Ditching in 2017 (2016 Roast)" by Jackie Aina / YouTube

Make-up can be gorgeous and exciting but let's be honest; sometimes we get carried away. Okay, FREQUENTLY we get carried away. It's practically a rule of "fashion": any time an exciting new trend comes around, someone will inevitably take it way too far. Then we get sick of it and move on to the next new thing.

Some trends are great and destined to stick around for the long-haul, but others are best left in the past.

YouTube beauty blogger Jackie Aina surveyed her fans about some of the worst cosmetics trends that came around in 2016, and TeensyFawn threw in her cents, too, and put out a video going over some trends that just need to, quote, "die." These 10 trends were named the worst.


Excessive Nose Highlighter

And excessive highlighting in general. Highlighter can be gorgeous, but you don't need to look like King Tut had a baby with a lamp, okay?


Fake Freckles

These are freckles you don't have naturally, but add onto your face with make-up. Freckles can be cute, sure, but these often look unnatural even when skilled people do them.


Drastic Skin Color Changes

If you're tanning or bleaching yourself so much that you start to look like another ethnicity, you might be taking it too far.


Using Arbitrary Items to Blend Make-Up

Okay, at the end of the day, just do whatever works for you... but do we really need a tutorial on how to blend concealer with a menstrual pad? What's wrong with brushes???


Make-Up Palettes with 50 Different Shades of One Color

If you can't find a "beige" that works for you in 25 different shades of beige, maybe you just shouldn't use beige.


Cosmetic "HACKS"

First of all, why aren't they just called "tips" or "DIY" anymore? You aren't hacking anything! Second of all, most of them don't actually save you any money or trouble! 


Lip Injections

This one requires a little explanation; lip injections on their own aren't so bad, but their massive surge in popularity isn't awesome. The idea that girls need to have big, plush lips to be beautiful has made its way through the media lately. Don't people have enough things to be insecure about without adding "thin lips" to the list? If you want lip injections, more power to you, but hopefully you want them for yourself, not because the media has convinced you that what you've already got isn't good enough.


Excessive False Lashes and Eyelash Extensions

It's one thing to wear false lashes, whether they're glue-on strips or professionally done extensions. It's another thing to wear massive, bat-like wings on your eyes on a regular basis. At some point it stops looking glamorous and starts looking absurd.


Laxative Tea-Toxes

This isn't strictly a "make-up" trend, but it falls into the category of health and beauty and it definitely isn't something that should stick around. Not only is there no actual scientific evidence that "detox" regimens benefit your bodily health, tea-toxes are actually kind of dangerous.


Here are their videos! We suggest you give them a watch, these people are pretty entertaining.

Warning: these girls both use some colorful language.