May 8th



Yesterday Web Girl Kathleen was taking videos of me while I was answering the phones and I had no idea what she was doing! Then she showed me the final product…it was a vintage style video of me answering the phones! It looks so legit. She used the 8mm app!  It’s the same app that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift used to shoot a video of them dancing together at the Met Gala. It was even used by a director on an Oscar-winning film after he ran out of money! It’s $1.99 so it’s pricey for an app…but still so cool!


Firebox is one of those sites that has everything you didn’t know you needed, I mean everything. Elvis’ assistant Andrew just bought some game called Bridget, we have no idea how to play but we can’t wait for it to come in! I really love the Grippy Pad, it’s this gel pad that sticks to the front of your dashboard and you can stick your phone right to it. When you use GPS on your phone it won’t be blocking any view out of your windshield. Who doesn’t want Gourmet Scented Pencils - Smencils? Because they have those too! Firebox has tons of gifts, home decor, gadgets, clothing games, and so many more of the coolest things ever!