March 17th

Last week Elvis told us about his new favorite book, 10% Happier, by ABC News correspondent, Dan Harris. The book is about how Dan used meditation to get his life back in order. We had such a great reaction to talking about meditation that I did some research and found some of the best apps for meditating! The app is free. You’ll go through their 7 Steps of Calm. After choosing a nature scene that you enjoy, a woman with a calm voice begins to tell you about meditation and how to relax your mind. I must say, it was pretty relaxing. Each step focuses on a different part of the meditation practice; breath, posture, and mindset. After the beginners program you can unlock the yearly pro access for $9.99 which has a dozens of guided meditations.

Simply Being: For $.99 iPhone and Android users can customize their guided mediation. Choose the amount of time, whether you want only a voice guiding you or if you want to add music or nature sounds.

Buddhify: They believe we can use our iPhones to relax our mind, rather than drive us crazy. It’s filled with various guided meditations you can listen to throughout the day. The meditations are customizable to your life at the moment…are you traveling? Taking a break at work? Getting ready to go to sleep? Walking around a city? Whatever it may be there is a guided meditation for you!

Mind Body Connect: If you don’t want to meditate on your own use this app to find the closest yoga and meditation studios to your current location. Even sign up and pay for the class through the app! iPhone + Android.


For my birthday my brother (what up Billy?!) got me a pair of sweatpants…no, not just any pair of sweatpants, he bought be Lazypants! Okay, so I know they are on the more expensive side but they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SWEATPANTS IN THE WORLD. That’s also their slogan. They aren’t lying. I lived in them for an entire week when I was on vacation. I have the French Fleece Red pair (they are actually a coral color). Lazypants also makes Zip-Ups, blankets, shorts for guys, and hats! If you don’t feel like dropping $80+ on sweats, ask for them as gift for your birthday or next holiday!