June 4th



Bringing a change of comfy shoes for weddings or events is great but carrying your heels out of the event is pretty tacky...even when you're wasted. Meet The Flip Flop Bitch, it's a tote, blinged out with sequins that folds into itself. It's small enough to fit into your clutch and then opens into a glamorous bag that can carry your shoes or whatever you may need! This makes a perfect bridesmaids gift, they even have a bridal collection which is classy and not blinged out. If you want just a regular tote, they come in several prints and fabrics, including vegan leather!


Tattoos are addicting. You get one and you want more. I know that right after Danielle and I got ours we were thinking of others we wanted.  Instead of acting on impulse and getting another permanent tattoo I recommend going for a temporary tattoo. Emily McDowell has a bunch of cute ones. She also sells her designs on greeting cards, dish towels tote bags, scarves, prints, and more! Her designs are cute, funny, motivational, and dirty! My favorite is "I'm a grown-ass lady and I do what I want"!