July 9th



I have confused my iPhone charger with other people's so many times, it's the worst! I recently put a Tech Tattz charger decal on the base of my charger and it's totally switched things up! Not only is it something pretty to look at but I'm not getting it confused with my friends'! A decal is only $5 and they're super easy to put on. Tech Tattz also sells decals for your phone and computer, bubble buttons for your home button, and cases! I have this one!


Elvis' boyfriend handed me a bottle of sunscreen and I looked at  him like he was crazy...it's a FLASK! It looks like a bottle of sunscreen. Beach days just got EVEN BETTER. A 2-pack of GoPong Sunscreen Flasks is $9.99 on Amazon. And the box says "sneak alcohol anywhere" - yes please! If you get caught, just don't say where you heard it!