July 29th


I supported Canvas Eyewear on Kickstarter last year and it definitely paid off! I spent $30 to back their campaign and I just got a pair of sunglasses that I designed MYSELF. It pays to support Kickstarter campaigns! If you didn't support them you still get to reap the benefits of this awesome company. They take your standard wayfarer style and give you the canvas to customize your own sunglasses. Work off their designs, add your own colors to the frames and arms of the glasses OR upload your own design or picture to cover the glasses. You choose everything, even your lens color and the texture of the glasses (matte vs gloss). Mine are so fun, Canvas Eyewear makes a great gift whether you make the glasses for them or give them a gift card!

Everyone is buying their college football season tickets and students are getting pumped for games to start soon! The FanCred app is the number one app you need this season. Capture all of your tailgating, cheering, and fan moments in the app, think of it as a social scrapbook for fans. Follow fellow fans within the app and see their game day photos. Find out where other fans are watching the game or tailgating and meet-up with them using the app! Over 130 universities are on FanCred. GO RUTGERS!