July 16th



I showed Worst Assistant Anthony how to use the Burn This app to book workouts at studios in our area since he’s always doing Workout Wednesday. Just by signing up for the free app I learned about tons of new workout classes in my area completely with a list of reviews! You can sign up and pay for the class you choose within the app. When you sign up, your friends that follow you in Burn This will be able to see what's on your schedule and they can sign up too! It's a social workout app! You'll be able to track your class history and when you head to a new city you can try new workouts! If Burn This isn't in your area yet, don't worry! The more people use the app and sign up, the more cities will be available.



Headbands are always fun to switch up your style. gla.MAR.ous headbands are different because they have a patented design which is made from a zipper and is adjustable. It’s spelled that way because the owner’s name is Mary and the MAR is short for Mary! If headbands generally give you a headache these are great for you because of how adjustable they are. I have an American flag gla.MAR.ous headband! There’s also an active line that’s perfect for working out; they’re nonslip and headache free!