July 10th



My yoga studio started selling clothes from Spiritual Gangster…I can’t believe I’ve never seen these before. Even if Yoga isn’t your thing you’ll find something you like. They have yoga-themed tanks, tees, long sleeves, and more for both men and women. My faves are the ones that say “Spiritual Gangster” and “Karma Made Me Do It". The clothing is super soft so it’s perfect for snuggling or for working out! 


Sometimes you don’t feel safe walking alone or in a sketchy area and if something were to happen you may not be able to call 911. The SafeTrek app makes the situation little better. When you feel unsafe launch the application and hold your finger down on the safe button. When you are safe, type in the four digit pin you have previously set to close the app and turn off GPS tracking. If you did get into a situation just release the safe button, if you don’t enter the four digit pin in 10 seconds the police will be notified. This is a must-have app for ANYONE of any age! It’s a FREE download for Android and iPhone.