It's FREEZING. Literally, below freezing, here in New York and in many other cities across the country. Even Florida has a chill! That means it's the perfect day to tell you about my new Tecnica Moon Boots! They were a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, as he handed them to me he said, "you'll either love these or you'll hate them". I LOVE THEM! They're best things I have ever put on my feet. I have the Rainbow Classic style. My favorite features are: there's no left or right and each boot is multiple sizes...the foam inside the boot forms to your foot! My feet and calves feel like they are engulfed in a warm, puffy, waterproof cloud. The outer shell is nylon so they've been perfect in the snow and rain. Prices start at $75.00 and there's a variety of colors and if for some reason you don't like mine check out their West East collection, they're slimmer and come in a variety of styles. I got mine from my favorite ski shop, Outfitters, in Pennsylvania! Check Amazon as well!

There are so many things I want to learn how to do...the proper way to decorate a cake, how to knit, how to take great photos, crafting, and plenty more - but I don't have time to go to these classes! With I don't actually have to go anywhere! It's free to sign up but you'll have to pay for classes once you find something that interests you. Watch videos from the world's best instructors in their specific field at your leisure! Want to take an embroidery class at 2am? Go for it! There's a 100% money back guarantee AND access to the course you purchased never expires. Look out for classes that go on sale! Check out the the Craftsy blog for project tips and ideas, shop their store for supplies you may need for your classes and projects, and enter their Project section of each category so see what others have created. If there's nothing on Craftsy that interests you at the moment, I recommend saving it for a rainy day!