January 23rd

How awful is that feeling when you drop your phone in the toilet? Hate it. You search for rice and hope your phone will dry out but that doesn't always work. For times like this there’s Dry Box: stick your phone inside the microwave-size appliance, wait 25 minutes as every drop of moisture is sucked out of your phone. It should be good as new when done! As of now you can’t have your own DryBox but check their site for mobile phone stores in your area that have them in-house. DryBox retailers are charging $40 for the service ONLY if the phone works after use! Can’t beat that!


I use my favorite TV shows for style inspiration which is how I discovered the blog Worn on TV and now I’m about to kick it up a notch. Search for the outfits your favorite TV stars wear on their show. They are categorized by show, episode, or character! Worn on TV shows exact matches and sometimes similar items. The Vampire Diaries characters wear a lot of badass clothes that should be in my closet and I’m excited to stalk their outfits.  I’ve also learned that Zooey Deschanel wears a lot of Kate Spade! And guys, you are definitely not excluded, there are plenty of male characters! Buy Jess’ Kate Spade dress at Neiman Marcus on sale! Get Sheldon’s tshirt from Super7Store.com