I do my own nails and keeping my cuticles nicely trimmed is tough. I post pictures of my nail styles on Instagram and people critique my cuticles!  But hey, they're right. My sister Tina Marie (she really wants a shout out) is the person who taught me everything about beauty. I went to the spa she works at and she did my nails. She used CND's CuticleAway gel on my cuticles and then simply wiped away the excess with one of those orange wood sticks and voila! They were nice and clean! Now there's no more mean cuticle comments on Instagram! Head to CND's site to check out other products and find a retailer near you or just shop on Amazon!


I use Twitter to ask my followers questions like "what's better Uggs or Bearpaws?" "Where's the best place to get a multi-compartment makeup case?" That's why I'm so happy that Jelly has launched. Jelly is a new social network app created by none other than Twitter's co-founder, Biz Stone, and it has your answers to everything. With Jelly you ask your social media network anything. You can reach your friends, your friend's friends, and it continues.  If you see a random insect, snap a pic, post it, and ask people what type of bug it is and they'll answer! Ask people what they thought of a new movie, you'll get a real review from someone connected to you.  If you've created a new product ask people what they think of it! I posted a picture of a brunette to ask if I should go darker with my hair! It's fun going through and seeing what people are asking and if you can help them out it feels pretty cool. Download for iPhone and Android.