February 4rd

Our Intern Sarah has quickly caught on to my favorite saying, “I Hate Everyone,” now I don’t really mean it, I say it whenever I get frustrated. There are other people who share this saying with me, Best Assistant Elizabeth always says it and Jac from Jac Vanek thinks we should wear it painted on our back. She sell a vintage army jacket, each jacket has patches and tags as well as it’s own “imperfections” making it one-of-a-kind. Painted on the back is "I Hate Everyone". Elizabeth really wants to rock it but I’m loving the tote bag that says “I Hate Everyone”. Jac Vanek has uniquely styled items like flannel shirts with sayings painted on the back, fun printed tees, bracelets with sayings and more!




Yesterday Facebook launched their latest app, Facebook Paper. It’s your Facebook life mixed with headlines and news categories of your choice in a nice clean layout that’s easy to navigate. If you didn’t already know, you would have no idea this was a Facebook product. You can create your own posts within this app. I may never go back to regular Facebook again. Facebook Paper actually makes Facebook enjoyable again! Give it a whirl. iTunes only right now.