February 26th

Well, this is awesome. You know when you get an alert on Facebook that says someone is in a relationship and you think "that's never gonna last!" Well there's an app for that. With the ForeverNOT app you can bet on people's relationships by choosing "Forever" or "NOT"...ALL bets are anonymous unless it's a celebrity couple, then you can Tweet it! Their faces will pop up and you slide left for "Forever" or right for "NOT". Each bet lasts a month, so when you choose "NOT" you are saying they won't last past the next 30 days. The more you choose right the higher you score is and you can make it to the leader board! The app is available for iPhone but you can also play within your Facebook.



Headbands of Hope was created by a college student who wanted to give back to children with cancer. She realized that little girls who were going through cancer treatments and losing their hair really liked wearing headbands. For every headband purchased, one is donated to a little girl with cancer and $1 is donated to the St. Baldrick's Foundation for research. There are trendy and cute headbands for kids, teenagers, and adults.