August 6th




I've finally found use for taking Selflies! Upload them to the French Girls app and have random strangers create portraits out of your pics! First take a Selfie within the app, then you will have the ability to draw a stranger! Choose from the nine people they offer you and begin your portrait. Once you've drawn your first portrait you'll have access to browse the gallery of others' drawings where you will see the original and the new portrait that was created. Some people are so talented, others super funny and creative, and then there are those like me...who are so terrible!




If Christian Louboutins are way out of your they are mine...I've got some good news for you! The shoe designer recently launched a nail polish collection online and it hits select Neiman Marcus stores today.  The first color in the collection or Rouge! Each bottle retails for $50..a lot for nail polish but the bottle is sick. Fun Fact: After designing his first pair of heels Christian Louboutin thought they needed something more so he grabbed a bottle of red nail polish off of someone's desk and painted the bottom! And voila! He's come full circle! The polish will be sold in the shoe section of stores, not the beauty section