April 3rd


I'm really excited to share Darby Smart with the world! I love crafting, I'm not actually good at it, but I love it! The worst is when there's a cool DIY project you want to make and you're missing one thing you need to create it! Darby Smart solves that problem. You choose the project and they send you everything you need to make it in one little box! Projects start at $16 including shipping. The supplies you receive to make the products aren't small sample sizes either. You have plenty left over for other projects. The project kits and ideas are created by different designers! I made the Geometric Jewelry Dishes and Critter Ring Dishes with Interns Sarah and Ricki! Watch a video of us making them here. I love the idea of buying this and making something or a friend as a gift! If you need more supplies for any projects you can shop their supply store as well! There's also an option to send up for a monthly subscription of the kits! Check out their club for teens who craft: Darby Girl. For $10 off a purchase of $16 or more use keyword code: ELVIS.


I'm really into the #Selfie thing right now, well I think I just like the humor in all of it. I'm not SERIOUS abut #Selfies. But it's a trend that I love..considering it's the start to my new career as a musical artist. Okay maybe not but...check out this sweater from 525 America, it says #Selfie and I love it, especially because it's on sale for $60 right now! It's regularly $95! Does this mean the #Selfie trending is going away? #Never. Get your sweater now! Check out 525 America's other awesome items while you're there. Why not get the #NoFilter sweater to go with it?