April 23rd



If you want to add some edge to your style check out MyTeeBAD.  Not only do they have great accessories but the name of the company has a cool meaning BAD stands for "Beautiful, Authentic, and Determined". The call it the B.A.D. Girl movement! I love that! If you think you're beautiful, authentic, and determined then you need to shop their items. Beanies, hand chains, bracelets, and tee shirts but I'm loving their turband headbands. I have a one with money on it! There's one with Barbie & Ken images! It's really great stuff at a reasonable price!


Yesterday Skeery mentioned that he was mad I stayed in the backseat of his car when no one else was in the front and we got into a whole debate about the rules of driving with someone. Then he found me this really cool app, It's the ShotGun Rules app. It costs $.99 so if you're serious about getting ShotGun and it's rules, then you should download it! There are SO many rules to calling a ShotGun, not only do you have to be outside but your shoes need to be on! They have a Shotgun Button on the app and if you hit it that negates anything that anyone else can do to win Shotgun!