April 17th



Yesterday a bunch of us took a wine class at Chelsea Wine Vault in Chelsea Market in New York City.  Not only did we learn so much about the awesome wine we were drinking but I checked out some accessories.  Chelsea Wine Vault carries some of the coolest wine accessories I've seen, everything from Chevron flasks to wine glass clips that attach to your plate so you don't have to hold your wine glass when you're trying to eat at a party. Everyone needs Wine Away (I know I do!) - it’s a stain remover that gets red wine stains out without bleaching. Sometimes I don't want to drink red wine because I know it will stain my teeth but there are Wine Wipes that will wipe the red wine right off of your teeth! There are so many accessories for drinking!! Fun wine corks, whiskey stones, cool bottle openers, and so much more!


Cutex has this cool product that's a cotton ball holder! If you're wondering why you would need something to hold a cotton ball think of the moment when you need to take polish off of one nail and not ruin the rest of your manicure or if you want to take off your toe nail polish!  It makes it easy to remove polish from one nail or your toes without getting and remover on your hand! The Cutex cotton ball holder comes in a set of three holders for only $2.49. It's so easy, put a cotton ball in the little cup apply your nail polish remover to the cotton ball and remove polish easily!!