Things that men will never understand about women….


Why we do squats in freshly washed jeans.

Why we wear the same bra almost EVERYDAY.

Why we get ready 2 or 3 hours before we have to go out and then rush the last 10 mins because we're only half done with our make-up and we’re still in a towel.

That we sometimes find it fun to cup shower water in our boobs and release the water on our toes.

Why we sometimes have to stay up later than planned because our nail polish is still wet.

Why we do shower math: Shower or not shower, sleep more and put hair in a bun.

We we sometimes poke ourselves in the eye with the mascara wand (IT JUST HAPPENS).

That we practice strip teasing in the mirror only to realize we are VERY, VERY BAD AT IT (but still try it out all the time)!