It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun! 


In honor of Mother's Day, Saturday night my two sisters and I will stop torturing each other long enough to sit quietly and watch our mom's favorite movie, "Some Like It Hot" starring Marilyn Monroe. 


1.     Sia - "Chandelier"

2.     Little Comets - "Dancing Song"

3.   Oasis - "She's Electric"

4.     Outkast - "Roses"

5.     The Clash - "All the Young Punks"


Taking my mom on a 10 mile (nature) bike trail. Bird watching, natural bodies of water, floral gardens, the works!


Water with lemon - I'm biking 10 miles on Sunday are you nuts? 


A giant bag of flour. Why you ask? I'm making special Mother's Day crepes!