Don’t mess with this cat.

A Portland family subjected to calling 911 on their 22lbs cat, Lux.

It all started with a tail tug by the 7-month-old child, and the cat got angry. Lux then attacked the baby, and everything escalated from there! The boyfriend then kicked the angry cat. Lux then jumped on top of the fridge and followed the family causing to back up into the bedroom.

The family called animal control, but they did not pick up. Then, they called 911 and reported what happened. The cops came to the house and saw the Himalayan cat trying to run. Apparently, Lux has a "history of violence." He currently remains in the family household, and he has yet to bother the family since the incident.

The baby only suffered mild scratches, nothing that called for medical attention.

Looks like Lux got a second chances!

Listen to the 911 audio: 

Source: Getty Images