Lady Gaga is a seasoned music business vet, but she’s finally ready to admit that for once in her life doesn’t know what the next step will be.

She sat down with us to chat about celebrating the release of ARTPOP, recovering from a debilitating hip injury and learning to be comfortable as just herself without her wigs and over-the-top outfits. 

When asked about the much gossiped “teeth” accessory she wore at the first annual YouTube Awards, Gaga revealed that they were a nod to the grit of show business. She commented, “In show business they call it the grip and grin. When you just get beaten to the ground as an artist by the corporation over and over and over and over… Until at some point they are just lifting you up and you’re smiling and you have that grin on your face….. ARTPOP is definitely a time we’re exciting to be putting art into the front and corporations will no longer drive me or my work. At the Haus of Gaga, this is our foray into the house and technology world.”

Technology is definitely front and center for Gaga who just announced she will be the first singer to perform from space in 2015! Her reasons for taking on this tremendous challenge? “I don’t really want to go for me, I really want to go because I believe in the potential of young people and the world to do anything. And I want to show them Ten years ago I was singing in a bar and now ten years later I’m signing in space.”

For once in her life Lady Gaga is living in the moment. ARTPOP is a reflection of where she is right now with her creative team, “Haus of Gaga”. She admitted to formerly being addicted to marijuana and learning to create music while sober was a struggle.  Gaga told us, “I’m really very fascinated with this transformation inside of me. I’m feeling very happy and confident with the work I’ve created.” She continued, “This album is about joy, coming into my own, and also really deciding for myself as an artist that I don’t need to change my images with every single album.”

Check out Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP, out in stores today and tune into her iHeartRadio Album Release Party tonight at 9pm ET on Hits Live! on iHeartRadio to hear a performance by Mother Monster herself!




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