Got an iPhone or iPad?  Ever wondered who voiced the infamous Siri?  

If you thought it was a computer-generated voice, you’d be surprised!  Allison Dufty, a 37-year-old mother of three, is the true voice of Siri (well…sort of).  

In 2011 Day was hired to do a “text-to-speech” product where she read different passages from Alice in Wonderland and random sentences in different voice tones for eight days.  From there the company digitalized the voice and hence, Siri was born!  It is said that for every Siri there is an actor is sitting behind a sound booth.  It is also said that the text-to-speech industry is highly competitive as well as secretive.  Weirdly enough, Day knew she was doing a “text-to-speech” project but had no idea what for.  Go figure!