I HATE MY CO-WORKER: Is your co-worker always mean and degrading instead of being nice and supportive? How much do you hate your co-worker?

UNDER THE BED: Carla Marie was cleaning out underneath her bed and found a USED CONDOM from years ago! Have you ever found something weird while cleaning under your bed?

EMBARRASSING MUSIC: Greg T’s friend has Britney Spears on his iPod. Greg T keeps telling him that it’s embarrassing, but he just loves Britney so much! What embarrassing music do you have on your iPod?

I SWALLOWED: Ever accidentally swallow something stupid? Elvis said he swallowed a Barbie shoe when he was a kid. Top that! What have you swallowed?

BEEN FIRED: Have you ever been fired? How many times? Do your friends make fun of you because you can’t keep your job?